Monday, August 24, 2009

My New Book

Hi I'm Jeanie Smith Cash.
I am a christian romance author and my
new book is listed below. It is available
for pre-order and it will be available in
bookstores and online September 1st. If
you'd like to read an excerpt for my other
books you can go to my website at:

The Christmas Miracle
By Jeanie Smith Cash
Is one of four stories in this 4-1,
Christmas Love At Lake Tahoe
Below is a short excerpt from my story
The Christmas Miracle
Bethany Stillman RN is only interested
in her career until she meets Cole Beckman,
paramedic, on the flight to her grandparents
ski lodge in the Lake Tahoe area. Bethany
doesn’t recognize Cole, when she does she
won’t want anything to do with him. Cole has
a secret that could destroy their relationship.
As a teenager, Cole was responsible for the
accident that crippled Bethany’s grandfather,
putting him in a wheelchair. Will the Christmas
season bring forgiveness from Bethany and her
family, and allow the young couple to have a
future together?


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